Diversified Forests Improve Carbon Storage

Diversified Forest Could Improve Carbon Storage – Chinese Scientists

In the past few decades, China has invested more in afforestation than any other country. China took action earlier, now it has large area of artificial forest in the world, accounting for more than 1/3. But monoculture makes it fragile. Young Chinese scientists are exploring how to achieve efficient carbon storage through biodiversity of forests.

Scientists have found that forests with a diverse mix of trees can absorb more than twice as much carbon as areas with just a single species, according to research carried out in eastern China.

There are several reasons why tree species diversity could improve carbon storage. For example, different tree species occupy different heights and spaces in the canopy – meaning a diverse canopy is better able to capture incoming sunlight.

In addition, diverse forests attract a greater range of animals – many of which act as pollinators, aiding plant reproduction. A higher rate of pollination enables a forest to grow faster, and, thus, absorb CO2 more quickly.

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