BRICS members China and Saudi Arabia sign world’s largest energy storage deal

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China’s photovoltaic inverter manufacturer Sungrow Power Supply on July 15, 2024 signed an agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Algihaz Holding for an energy storage project with a capacity of 7.8GWh. PV Magazine describe this as “amounting to the world’s largest grid-side storage order.” Sungrow Power Supply, the global leading PV inverter and energy storage system provider, secured the top spot in the 2023 global PV inverter shipment rankings according to S&P Global Commodity […]

EU Struggles to Meet Climate Goals

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ECONOMIC WAR ON CHINA, RUSSIA WEAKENS EU ENVIRONMENTAL PUSH. The European Union is failing to meet targets for the production of electric batteries and other green technology amid a lack of political leadership on climate policy, argues an editorial in the London-based Financial Times (FT) this week. “News that European battery projects are being scrapped or seriously scaled down is an important sign of things going wrong”, the FT wrote. The article […]

China’s major reforms in ecological conservation over the decade

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POLICES AND FACTS. Over the past decade, China’s ecological conservation efforts have yielded extensive fruits in its commitment to sustainable growth as it pursues modernization. The building of an ecological civilization was set as one of the five major pillars in China’s overall development by the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012. Since 2012, President Xi has made the sustainable development of the Chinese nation […]

China’s tech innovations benefits Global South electricity development

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China is at the technological forefront of electricity development and has provided the world with experience and practices in electricity innovation, according to a report issued on the sidelines of a high-level conference recently held in Beijing. At a sub-forum of the second high-level conference of the Forum on Global Action for Shared Development, the Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) issued the Research on Global Electricity Development […]

Shenzhen: A protection hub for mangroves and migratory birds

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𐂷 HOW CHINA’S MOST ‘FUTURISTIC’ CITY RESTORED ITS MANGROVES 𐂷 Amid the rapid urbanisation that defines modern China, Shenzhen stands out not just for its “futuristic” skyline, but also for its efforts to reassert its ecological priorities. Shenzhen Bay, located in southern China and part of the Pearl River Delta expanding into Hong Kong, is a crucial stop-off point for migratory birds using the East Asian-Australasian flyway. Its mangroves support […]

China Diversifies Energy Imports: Stops Buying U.S. Oil

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As China focuses on modernizing its energy infrastructure in the transition away from coal towards renewable energy sources, it still also relies on oil imports for energy security. [China leads the world in wind capacity (65%), solar capacity (60%) and hydropower (31%). China is second globally after the U.S. in nuclear power generation (13.5%)]. The U.S. Congress has introduced legislation prohibiting China from purchasing oil from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum […]

China: huge spending to modernize network to cope with green energy surge

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China plans to invest over $800 billion in its electricity grid over the next six years to support its green energy transition. The distribution grid is currently a significant bottleneck, with rapid renewable energy growth putting strain on the system. This year, China invested 122.9 billion RMB ($17 billion) in grid projects, a 24.9% increase from last year. Despite heavy investments, more than 100 regions have halted new small-scale solar […]

BRICS-member Brazil’s green power surge leads G20 with 89% renewable electricity

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In a striking demonstration of renewable energy leadership, Brazil has emerged as the top performer among G20 countries in harnessing green power. Renewable hydropower has long been the backbone of Brazil’s energy sector, but recent years have seen a surge in wind and solar contributions. In 2023, these two energy sources alone accounted for 21% of Brazil’s total electricity output, a steep rise from just 6% in 2016. Furthermore, Brazil […]

China ensures food security despite extreme weather events

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There have been more voices than ever before expressing concerns about global food security. Some Western media outlets have recently published articles claiming that the world’s major grain-producing regions, including China, have experienced more frequent extreme weather events due to global warming, posing a threat to crop output.Concerns regarding China’s food security ave been raised. However, given the current situation, China is fully capable of ensuring food security for its […]

‘The Clean Sea’ – China’s beautiful Lake Sayram in summer

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Sayram Lake (Lake Sailimu National Park 赛里木湖) is located along the northern branch of the historic Northern Silk Road. It is the largest (458 km2) and highest (2,073 meters) alpine lake in China’s Xinjiang. Sayram Lake is one of the most biodiverse region in Northwest China. Human activities are limited around the lake, and the unique wetland ecosystems around the lake exert significant importance to the hydrology and climate of northern Xinjiang. It […]