China & Pacific Is. climate justice ideals

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Climate experts, officials from China, Pacific Island states call for justice, cooperation at post-COP28 era Experts and government officials from China and the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) shared their research and commitments via a recent forum, bolstering cooperation in the pursuit of climate justice and equitable solutions to the pressing challenges of climate change in the wake of the recently concluded COP28 in Dubai, UAE, where the first global stocktake […]

Taoist Ecological Thought and Permaculture

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Taoist Ecological Thought and the West’s Concept of Permaculture:Interview with former Belgian Ambassador to China Patrick Nijs is a former Belgian ambassador to China, and lifetime honorary ambassador and co-founder of the EU-China Joint Innovation Center in Brussels. He has been a witness to China’s reform and opening up since 1997, when he first came to China. A staunch environmentalist, he chose to stay in China and work in the […]

China Gives Cuba 20 Solar Farms

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China Donates More Than 20 Solar Power Parks to Cuba The provinces of Villa Clara, Ciego de Avila and Holguin are currently installing three photovoltaic parks donated by China. The installation of these photovoltaic parks is a significant step towards reducing Cuba’s dependence on fossil fuels and embracing renewable energy sources. It showcases the commitment of both China and Cuba towards a greener and more sustainable future. The Chinese donation, […]

Why food security is a top priority for China

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China’s leaders and policymakers regard food security as a “top national priority” (国之大者). At the recent Central Rural Work Conference in Beijing, China, held on December 18-19, 2023, and convened by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the challenges and current situation of the “three rurals” (agriculture, rural areas, and farmers) was discussed, with special attention paid to the country’s food security.  This comes amid the growing importance placed on food security by Xi […]

West’s climate goals need China green tech

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West can’t meet climate goals without China’s green tech China’s dominance in the green technology industry means the world would have to pay up an additional $6 trillion for its energy transition without low priced Chinese supplies, new research says. The West will have to choose between cutting China off its supply chains and meeting its climate goals as it faces a highly challenging energy transition, new research has found. […]

Prof Pan Jiahua on China’s zero-carbon future

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COP28, the UN Climate summit, was held from 30 November to 13 December 2023 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Carbon Brief’s Anika Patel spoke with Professor Pan Jiahua, vice-chair of the national expert panel on climate change of China, about his ideas for how to move to a zero-carbon future.  Professor Pan Jiahua is also a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and director of its Research Center for Sustainable Development, as […]

China-built solar train in Argentina

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China-built solar tourist light rail to operate in the Argentine Andes Jujuy Province in Argentina inaugurated the only solar train in Latin America in early-December, 2023. China, India and Australia already have solar trains in operation. The Argentine rail service is powered by an extensive set of lithium batteries, has two passenger cars designed to carry between 72 and 388 passengers, and will officially open to national and international tourism by […]

Tale of two recessions

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Tale of two recessions: Europe enters one while Russia defeats another Published2022/10/14 In Europe, recession now seems imminent. The International Monetary Fund has said Germany and Italy are certainly going into a recession. These are among Europe’s largest economic drivers. Their fall will trigger the slippage of other countries into de-growth as well. At the core of Europe’s economic miseries is an intense energy crisis that countries are finding impossible […]

China action plan for quality energy transition

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Published2022/10/15 China Dialogue reports: A set of technical standards to support the low-carbon transition of China’s energy system should be established by 2025, the National Energy Administration (NEA) has stated in an action plan for energy standardisation. Technical standards provide requirements to ensure materials, products and processes are fit for purpose. China views them as a vital tool for guiding its energy system towards carbon peaking before 2030 and carbon […]

Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization

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Published2022/10/15 This short video from CGTN by R. L. Kuhn, explains Xi Jinping’s understanding of ecological civilization as a key component of China’s rejuvination and socialism. “Building ecological civilization” is what the Chinese government has promoted over the past few years. It might sound vague to people in the west. However, China finds its way to sustainable development. How does the country strike balances between human beings and nature, environmental […]