China explores chemical recycling of plastic waste

23/04/2024 CEN_net 0

Chinese study sees huge potential of chemical recycling in dealing with plastic pollution A recent report has stressed the huge potential of chemical recycling in dealing with plastic pollution, saying the output from the oil-producing recycling approach may potentially equal to two times of that from China’s largest oil production base by 2035. Complied by the Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research, the report was unveiled as the world celebrated the […]

China finds mosquito bacteria that fights Dengue and Zika

22/04/2024 CEN_net 0

Chinese study discovers bacteria that fights Dengue and Zika in mosquitoes – resident mosquito gut bacteria disarms viruses and stops the spread of diseases Researchers from the Tsinghua University-Peking University Joint Center for Life Sciences in Beijing have discovered a bacterium that live in the gut of some mosquitoes and secrete an enzyme that rapidly acidifies the insect’s gut making it so inhospitable that dengue, Zika, and other disease-causing virus cannot survive in […]

Green Transport: Ethiopia’s Chinese Electric Buses

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Chinese electric buses introduced to Ethiopia to advance green transport agenda In Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, the city’s mounting gridlock is creating safety and health risks, producing more greenhouse gas emissions and impeding economic development.  Ethiopia became a member of the BRICS bloc of emerging economies on January 1, 2024. In late March 2024, the Ethiopian government launced an electric bus service as part of the countries efforts to […]

Sustainability driving China’s next economic transformation

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Writing in the South China Morning Post, analyst Lub Bun Chong reflects on the fact that many Western narratives “red-flag” China’s economic situation but in doing so do not grasp that these are the side-effects of the transformations China initiated in 2014 by ushering in a “new normal” and ditching high GDP targets. Resources that are not wasted on blindly chasing GDP growth are either conserved or judiciously utilised. China’s […]

Major global environmental treaties US won’t ratify

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Published 2021/08/23 Most of the world’s countries support these global agreements on conservation and pollution. China has ratified each of them, but the United States of America refuses In one of his first acts after taking power US, President Biden signed an executive order to have the United States rejoin the Paris climate agreement. This was expected by the international community, and it was described by the new US regime […]

The Kunming Declaration: Ecological Civilization

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The Kunming Declaration: Ecological Civilization – Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth CHINA CHAIRS UN CONVENTION ON BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY Published2022/08/26 China currently holds the rotating Presidency of the Conference of Parties to the UN Convention on Biodiversity (CBD). This is the first time China has overseen a major UN intergovernmental negotiation on the environment. The first meeting in the current round of Conference of Parties (COP15) of the […]

Climate catastrophes: China hit by floods

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World facing climate catastrophes? China hit by floods Published 2022/08/19 LEVELS OF RAINFALL IN CHINA NOT SEEN SINCE THE EARLY 1960S. Authorities across much of southern China have issued weather advisories for heavy rain and severe flooding. Over 80 rivers have already seen waters exceed warning levels after days of heavy rains. Over 1.79 million people in central China’s Hunan Province have been affected by heavy rain and more than […]

China launches major ecology projects

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China launches major scientific and technological projects in ecology and environment – Ministry of Ecology and Environment China has continued to launch a series of major scientific and technological projects and initiatives, including drones, big data, cloud computing, and the internet of things, in the ecological and environmental field, according to the country’s environmental authorities. The technologies have been effectively applied in the battle against pollution, providing strong support for […]

Drought triggers power shortages in China’s Yangtze basin

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Published2022/08/19 Since mid-June, China has been facing the most intense and enduring heat waves since records began in 1961, according to the National Climate Centre. In the past week, the middle and lower Yangtze River basin has experienced exceptionally hot and dry spells in what is supposed to be the flood season, forcing provinces to suspend or restrict power to businesses to ensure supply for households. The Poyang and Dongting […]

Noise affects mate choice in animals: Chinese study

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Chinese researchers have discovered that noise influences mate choice based on visual information in animal Published2022/08/16 Chinese researchers have discovered that noise influences mate choice based on visual information in animals via cross-sensory interference, according to the Chengdu Institute of Biology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Animal communication is often hampered by noise interference, while little is known about its cross-modal effect and how animals weigh unimodal and multimodal […]