China explores chemical recycling of plastic waste

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Chinese study sees huge potential of chemical recycling in dealing with plastic pollution A recent report has stressed the huge potential of chemical recycling in dealing with plastic pollution, saying the output from the oil-producing recycling approach may potentially equal to two times of that from China’s largest oil production base by 2035. Complied by the Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research, the report was unveiled as the world celebrated the […]

China finds mosquito bacteria that fights Dengue and Zika

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Chinese study discovers bacteria that fights Dengue and Zika in mosquitoes – resident mosquito gut bacteria disarms viruses and stops the spread of diseases Researchers from the Tsinghua University-Peking University Joint Center for Life Sciences in Beijing have discovered a bacterium that live in the gut of some mosquitoes and secrete an enzyme that rapidly acidifies the insect’s gut making it so inhospitable that dengue, Zika, and other disease-causing virus cannot survive in […]

Climate change, not cloud seeding, responsible for UAE flood

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Crazy and baseless rumours are circulating that the recent flood in the BRICS-member United Arab Emirates was caused by cloud seeding. No so. There was no recent cloud seeding activity conducted prior to the storm. It was totally compatible with the impacts of climate change. Certain forces will do all they can to confuse people on global warming and its affect on climate. See text from the Times of India […]

Winds of Change: China’s wind turbines

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The Winds of Change: Why the EU is investigating China’s wind turbines? When the European Commission (EC) initiated an investigation into subsidies allegedly provided to Chinese wind turbine suppliers, an undeniable undertone of scepticism made itself heard that China’s exponential advance in renewable energy must have involved factors beyond the market. But is that really the case? Over the past two decades, China’s wind power capacity has soared from just […]

China’s Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change

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Published 2022/08/25 In November 2019 the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China published a report titled China’s Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change. The stated aim of the report was to help “interested people fully understand China’s policies and actions, and their performance and effects in addressing climate change.” That report remains a key statement of China’s approach to dealing with climate change. FOREWORD The Chinese government has […]

Extreme heat and global climate

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Published 2022/08/24 What does extreme heat tell us about global climate? China recently braved its strongest heatwave. Europe is also suffering from heatwaves and the worst drought in 500 years. What’s behind the high temperatures? And what does this extreme heat tell us about global climate change? What is going to be the impact on agriculture and food security? Charles Liu – Founder of Hall Capital & Senior Fellow, Taiho […]

Emerging technologies hasten China’s renewables revolution

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Published2022/08/20 Electricity generation remains China’s major source of CO2 emissions. China Daily reports: Digital technology will play an important role in Chinese power generation enterprises’ transition to a low carbon world by enabling emissions reductions, according to a recently released report. Digitalization tools, including the internet of things, 5G, smart grids and distributed energy resources, along with the electrification of end uses, will play a vital role in the power sector’s […]

The Kunming Declaration: Ecological Civilization

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The Kunming Declaration: Ecological Civilization – Building a Shared Future for All Life on Earth CHINA CHAIRS UN CONVENTION ON BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY Published2022/08/26 China currently holds the rotating Presidency of the Conference of Parties to the UN Convention on Biodiversity (CBD). This is the first time China has overseen a major UN intergovernmental negotiation on the environment. The first meeting in the current round of Conference of Parties (COP15) of the […]

China launches major ecology projects

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China launches major scientific and technological projects in ecology and environment – Ministry of Ecology and Environment China has continued to launch a series of major scientific and technological projects and initiatives, including drones, big data, cloud computing, and the internet of things, in the ecological and environmental field, according to the country’s environmental authorities. The technologies have been effectively applied in the battle against pollution, providing strong support for […]

Are heat waves China’s new normal

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For China are heat waves are the ‘new normal’ under climate change? Published 2022/08/19 It’s not a mirage. Across China, heat waves are becoming more frequent, lasting longer, and getting hotter — with deadly consequences. For more than a month, much of China has been blanketed by extreme heat. From June 16 to July 9, local governments issued 1,372 high-temperature “code reds,” indicating temperatures are expected to rise above 40 […]