Foreign meteorological spy sites

Hundreds of foreign meteorological spy sites discovered in China.

Revelations regarding the illegal collection and cross-border transmission of meteorological data shows that in the era of globalization, countries are becoming more closely connected. Many aspects, including environmental climate, as well as energy and resources, have also become important fields related to national security in many non-traditional aspects.

Since the beginning of this year, China’s security authorities have carried out special Investigations on foreign-related meteorological sites detected across the country. They have investigated more than 10 agents of overseas meteorological equipment, and inspected over 3,000 foreign-related meteorological sites, the Ministry of State Security said.

Some observation points were around sensitive areas such as military units and military-industrial enterprises, conducting altitude verification and GPS positioning. Others were positioned in main grain-producing areas, linking analyses to the growth of China’s crops and grain production.

Non-traditional aspects of security include factors such as meteorology, climate, and the environment. Many things, including environmental climate, energy and resources have also become surveillance targets.

When it comes to national security factors in climate, it is not quite the same as the daily weather forecasts. It involves background data concerning the climate characteristics of different regions of a country, and the impact it generates.

SourceGlobal Times, Oct 31, 2023.