China’s biodiversity pledge

23/05/2024 CEN_net 0

Cover photo: Oriental white storks fly over the Caofeidian wetland in Tangshan, north China’s Hebei Province. /Xinhua From species to ecosystem: China’s conservation commitment for biodiversity and human well-being. Jiang Zhigang is professor in Conservation Biology at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His work mainly focuses on inventory, red list assessment, and conservation of animal diversity. The following opinion piece appeared in CGTN. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment of the […]

China Cuts Persistent Organic Pollutants

20/05/2024 CEN_net 0

China’s efforts to control organic pollutants wins recognition from foreign ecological experts. Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are toxic chemicals that persist in the environment, accumulate through the food chain and have the potential for long-range environmental transport, posing risks to human health and the environment. Examples involve certain pesticides, industrial chemicals and unintentional by-products of industrial processes. “China’s pivotal role in global chemical management cannot be overstated,” said Rolph Payet, […]

Hong Kong’s new enviro-tech hub plan

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The Hong Kong special administrative region has considered a plan to build a proposed innovation and technology (I&T) hub, known as the San Tin Technopole in Yuen Longan, near the border with mainland China and Shenzen. Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department has given approval to the environmental study into a plan to turn fish ponds in the northern New Territories into a tech hub. The approval is subject to a series of environmental conditions. […]

China air cleaner as NOx levels fall

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A recent study published in the journal Environmental Science and Ecotechnology has revealed a significant decline in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from human activities in China since 2020. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) form aerosols and ozone in the atmosphere and are significant contributors to air pollution, acid rain and climate change. The research was conducted by a team of scientists from China and France. The study employed satellite observations and air […]

China’s new Energy Law close to adoption

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The latest draft of China’s long-awaited Energy Law has been issued for public comment following approval by China’s top legislative body, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC). This was stated in an analysis of the text by economic newswire Jiemian. The law, which was initially drafted in 2005, will be “considered at three [NPCSC] meetings before being put to a vote”, the outlet said. This means it could be formally […]

China’s Tree Planting Policy

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Why does China seem insatiable with trees? In this article Beijing Channel looks at a piece of long-running Chinese policy – it’s decades-long quest to re-forest the country. Before diving into the details, here’s some statistics to show how serious, and successful China has been about planting trees: Now let’s retrace China’s steps and see how exactly China’s been able to pull off this feat. 【1】 The Policies When the […]

Major global environmental treaties US won’t ratify

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Published 2021/08/23 Most of the world’s countries support these global agreements on conservation and pollution. China has ratified each of them, but the United States of America refuses In one of his first acts after taking power US, President Biden signed an executive order to have the United States rejoin the Paris climate agreement. This was expected by the international community, and it was described by the new US regime […]

China nurtures green factories

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China announces new  measures on the phased nurturing and management of green factories On January 30, 2024, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued new  measures on the phased nurturing and management of green factories, which came into effect immediately. These measures set out criteria and steps to nurture green factories. A green factory refers to a company serving as a base for green manufacturing that has achieved intensive land […]

China: climate change legislation

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China needs to speed up climate change legislation, says NPC deputy A national legislator has called for legislation tackling climate change to be accelerated to help achieve the country’s ambitious climate targets. The legislation and the establishment of a legal system for reducing carbon emissions are an urgent necessity for the country to achieve its climate targets, said Zhang Tianren, a deputy to the National People’s Congress. China aims to […]