China’s Environmental Law – Overview

30/11/2023 CEN2 0

China’s system of environmental legislation is established based on the Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China that was enacted in 1989. Under this law, other separate laws have been enacted for controlling pollution. Some of these laws are as follows: China updated the Environmental Protection Law in 2015. This was the first major revisions. The revised law includes stricter punishments on polluters. It also allows non-governmental organizations […]

Xi on building eco-civilization

23/11/2023 CEN2 0

“Several pairs of relations need to be well handled in promoting the construction of ecological civilization.” Ying Xue, on the China Ecological Civilization substack blog, has summarised an important article by Xi Jinping, published on the Qiushi magazine on November 16. Qiushi is run by the CPC central committee. It publishes articles demonstrating policies and guiding the direction of the party. So, this article of Xi Jinping is guidance on building China’s ecological […]

Foreign meteorological spy sites

03/11/2023 CEN2 0

Hundreds of foreign meteorological spy sites discovered in China. Revelations regarding the illegal collection and cross-border transmission of meteorological data shows that in the era of globalization, countries are becoming more closely connected. Many aspects, including environmental climate, as well as energy and resources, have also become important fields related to national security in many non-traditional aspects. Since the beginning of this year, China’s security authorities have carried out special […]

Protecting China’s ‘unofficial’ wetlands

25/07/2023 CEN2 0

Damage done to a wetland in the name of “environmental restoration” raises questions about how China’s lesser-known wetlands are protected. The coastal wetlands on the Linhong estuary, by the Yellow Sea in Lianyungang municipality, provide an important feeding ground and stopover for waterbirds migrating between East Asia and Australia. But in 2021, an “environmental restoration” project put the mudflats at risk of erosion and destruction. They were to be turned […]

China protects special regions

03/06/2023 CEN2 0

Laws for the ecological protection of special regions In late April 2023 China’s top legislature adopted a law to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. This is the latest of China’s environmental laws for 4 key ecological regions. The first of be enacted was the Yangtze River Protection Law, followed by the Yellow River Protection Law, the Black Soil Land Conservation Law, and now the Qinghai–Tibet Plateau Ecological […]

Nancy Pelosi — Janus of the West

09/08/2022 CEN2 0

In ancient Roman religion and myth, Janus presided over war and peace and was usually depicted as having two faces. The gates of a building in Rome named after him – an open enclosure with gates at each end – were opened in time of war. The following article was first published by Anthony M Leong on Medium, and is republished by China Environment Net with the permission of the author. It is said […]

China solves difficult environmental issues through central inspections

11/07/2022 CEN2 0

China recently wrapped up a new round of central environmental inspections. In recent years, a number of environmental problems of strong public concern have been addressed through the inspections. The recently completed inspections were the sixth batch of second round of central environmental inspections. In recent years, a number of environmental problems of strong public concern have been addressed through the inspections. Zhai Qing, vice minister of ecology and environment, […]

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China climate change law to integrate environmental protection, energy management and urban-rural development regulations

06/04/2022 CEN2 0

China has made progress on preparing a law dedicated to tackling climate change, a senior official with the Ministry of Ecology and Environment said. Li Gao, director of the ministry’s Climate Change Department, added that the ministry will accelerate efforts to promote the legislative process, and incorporate mechanisms for dealing with the global climate crisis into other laws. Following a decision by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, […]

EU-China cooperation on environmental governance

17/02/2022 CEN2 0

Dimitri de Boer knows a lot about advancing environmental rule of law and rising to environmental challenges. As chief representative of the China office of NGO ClientEarth, he focuses on issues ranging from pollution control to biodiversity protection, climate change and a green post-pandemic economic recovery. Founded in 2008, ClientEarth is an environmental law charity with offices in London, Brussels, Warsaw, Madrid, Berlin, and Beijing. In China it focuses on […]

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Chinese courts introduce punitive damages in environment lawsuits

19/01/2022 CEN2 0

Shared by on Facebook BEIJING — A judicial explanation issued by China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) on Thursday confirmed that polluters will have to pay punitive damages to the victims in environment lawsuits. The move aims to punish and deter offenders as well as to fully compensate victims who suffer personal or financial loss due to environmental damage, said Yang Linping, vice president of the SPC, at a press […]