BRICS: The rise of the Global South

CAN BRICS TRIUMPH OVER THE IMF AND WORLD BANK? Who would have expected that the BRICS nations could rise as the potential rival of the G7 countries, the World Bank and the […]

Zhou Enlai’s Legacy in the Belt & Road Initiative

Originally posted 15 January 2022 Introduction Zhou Enlai is still remembered with boundless respect and affection by the Chinese people and progressive people around the world. He was China’s first Premier, […]

Brazil Becomes China’s Main Investment Destination

Originally Published2022/09/04  Investment by Chinese companies in Brazil more than tripled in 2021, returning to pre-Covid pandemic levels and making the country the main destination for Chinese capital last year. […]

Europe’s self made energy crisis

Mercouris looks at how Europe got to where it is – in a severe “energy crisis”. The sanctions imposed by the collective West on Russia over its intervention in Ukraine, […]