Chinese geothermal standard adopted

World Geothermal Congress adopts world-first, China-based geothermal standard at Beijing meeting.

The 2023 World Geothermal Congress concluded on 17 September in Beijing with the release of the Beijing Declaration, which calls for the “steady advancement of cooperation on and development of global geothermal energy”, reported Xinhua.

The release of the Standard and Beijing Declaration is defining the principles and adding momentum to the sustainable, high-quality development of global geothermal industry, which will bring the development of geothermal energy and clean energy to a new level and make positive contributions to tackling climate challenges, boosting energy security, and benefiting people around the world.

Beijing Declaration expresses that, with the support of all parties, geothermal energy will become one of the most popular and competitive energy sources in the future. To this end, the participants in WGC2023 made commitments to adhering to the following principles:

• The principle of sustainable development and raising global awareness about the development of the geothermal industry in response to climate change;

• The principle of openness and cooperation and jointly promoting technological innovation and high-quality development in the geothermal industry;

• The principle of fairness and rationale and steadily promoting the cooperation and development of global geothermal industry;

• The principle of win-win and sharing, and deepening the cooperation of the global geothermal industry.

In the meantime, Beijing Declaration is calling to strengthen public awareness and policy support for geothermal development, advance global technological innovation, promote geothermal technology and knowledge exchange, support global energy transformation, and push forward high-quality development of the global geothermal industry.

The Standard, which takes China’s geothermal practices as a reference to formulate a sustainable utilization and development model of the whole life-cycle of geothermal energy, provides a comprehensive reference of technical standards for the global geothermal industry. It recommends practices for low- and medium-temperature hydrothermal geothermal heating, covering geothermal resource evaluation, heat load calculation, mining scheme design, drilling and completion engineering, heating engineering, monitoring, and control.

China’s state-owned Sinopec, the host for the World Geothermal Congress 2023, has built solid strengths and accumulated rich experiences in the clean and efficient development and utilization of geothermal energy, and it is our goal as well as responsibility to accelerate progress in this regard and promote global green and low-carbon growth,” said Dr. Ma Yongsheng, Chairman of Sinopec.