Food security China’s first priority

It’s a tradition now in China: The government’s first policy statement of the year focuses on agriculture and rural development.

For 2024, the “No. 1 central document” prioritizes food security and preventing a large-scale return to poverty.

For the first time, the document mentions a project called “Thousand Villages Demonstration and Ten Thousand Villages Renovation.” As commentators Zheng Linyi and JI Chen explain, the project was a remarkably successful rural vitalization initiative from Xi Jinping’s tenure as party secretary in Zhejiang Province. 
Find out why the main points of the document are referred to as “two ensures,” “three improvements” and “two strengths.”

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Special commentator Xin Ge unpacks the three parts of the document that warrant particular attention.

Source: The China Report CGTN, 6 Feb 2024.