Cumulative covid-19 death toll lowest in China, Denmark, Australia, Russia and Norway

News update

Latest data published by New Scientist shows the total deaths from covid-19 – the US death toll continues to be highest in the world, followed in descending order by Brazil, India, Mexico, South Korea, UK, and major EU states.

The countries with the lowest death count in descending order were recorded in China, Denmark, Australia, Russia and Norway.

This is not cumulative death “rate”, this is cumulative death toll (count).

Note that China has 250x the population of Denmark, 58x the population of Australia, 10x population of Russia, and 270x the population of Norway. If “death rate” (deaths per head of population) were to be used, among all these countries only Russia is in the same order of magnitude as China. Everyone else failed miserably in comparison.

The worldwide covid-19 death toll has passed 3.9 million. The number of confirmed cases is more than 180 million, according to Johns Hopkins University, though the true number of cases will be much higher. According to Our World In Data, more than 1.76 billion people globally have received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine.

Source: New Scientist, 25 June 2021