China ensures food security despite extreme weather events

15/07/2024 CEN_net 0

There have been more voices than ever before expressing concerns about global food security. Some Western media outlets have recently published articles claiming that the world’s major grain-producing regions, including China, have experienced more frequent extreme weather events due to global warming, posing a threat to crop output.Concerns regarding China’s food security ave been raised. However, given the current situation, China is fully capable of ensuring food security for its […]


Chinese scientists detect unreported carcinogenic pollutants

29/05/2024 CEN_net 0

Chinese scientists use AI to detect unreported carcinogenic chemical pollution. Potentially carcinogenic chemicals are prevalent worldwide and going unreported, according to Chinese scientists who identified unknown “forever chemicals” in the environment with the help of machine learning. The non-biodegradable “forever chemicals” – named for their persistence in the environment – became widely used around the world in all kinds of products – including non-stick pans, food packaging, and waterproof and […]

China air cleaner as NOx levels fall

12/05/2024 CEN_net 0

A recent study published in the journal Environmental Science and Ecotechnology has revealed a significant decline in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from human activities in China since 2020. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) form aerosols and ozone in the atmosphere and are significant contributors to air pollution, acid rain and climate change. The research was conducted by a team of scientists from China and France. The study employed satellite observations and air […]

Dangerous heat wave envelops East Asia

04/05/2024 CEN_net 0

Heat wave is affecting hundreds of millions of people across East Asia (including China) and South East Asia A punishing heat wave is affecting hundreds of millions of people across East Asia (including China) and South East Asia, with monthly and all-time temperature records falling repeatedly. And the heat shows no signs of slowing. The heat, exacerbated by climate change, is proving relentless and fatal in many areas. Studies on […]

Extreme weather hits south and east Asia

27/04/2024 CEN_net 0

This extreme weather comes as the World Meteorological Organization published a report warning that climate change is causing major repercussions across Asia. SOUTHERN CHINA HEAVY RAINFALL AND FLOODING INTENSE HEATWAVE ACROSS SOUTH AND EASTERN ASIA. Source: Carbon Debrief, Apr 26, 2024.

China: mosquito bacteria fight Dengue & Zika

22/04/2024 CEN_net 0

Chinese study discovers bacteria that fights Dengue and Zika in mosquitoes – resident mosquito gut bacteria disarms viruses and stops the spread of diseases Researchers from the Tsinghua University-Peking University Joint Center for Life Sciences in Beijing have discovered a bacterium that live in the gut of some mosquitoes and secrete an enzyme that rapidly acidifies the insect’s gut making it so inhospitable that dengue, Zika, and other disease-causing virus cannot survive in […]

Ethiopia’s Chinese Electric Buses

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Chinese electric buses introduced to Ethiopia to advance green transport agenda In Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia, the city’s mounting gridlock is creating safety and health risks, producing more greenhouse gas emissions and impeding economic development.  Ethiopia became a member of the BRICS bloc of emerging economies on January 1, 2024. In late March 2024, the Ethiopian government launced an electric bus service as part of the countries efforts to […]

Are heat waves China’s new normal

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For China are heat waves are the ‘new normal’ under climate change? Published 2022/08/19 It’s not a mirage. Across China, heat waves are becoming more frequent, lasting longer, and getting hotter — with deadly consequences. For more than a month, much of China has been blanketed by extreme heat. From June 16 to July 9, local governments issued 1,372 high-temperature “code reds,” indicating temperatures are expected to rise above 40 […]

African Union praises China health aid

28/03/2024 CEN_net 0

African Union praises China’s help to promote health in Africa – Africa CDC headquarters wins acclaim as major outcome of BRI cooperation The China-aided African Center for Disease Control (CDC) Headquarters Building Project, a milestone project in China-Africa public health cooperation, was officially inaugurated on January 11, 2023 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. China funded and built the Africa CDC headquarters, which accommodates all key facilities in one place, helping to […]

The growing menace of wildfires

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Under the background of global warming, exposure to wildfire is a growing public health concern worldwide.Wildfires are posing a growing danger, particularly in the US and Canada in North America, and in the Mediterranean region in Europe. Parts of China and many other countries have also experienced more intense wildfires. Wildfire events in southwestern China have resulted in catastrophic loss of property and human life. China’s CGTN America recently shared […]