Cuba and China discuss trade relations and Maritime Silk Road

Chinese commercial representatives based in Cuba met with the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba (CCC) on 20 July, 2022 in Havana to discuss BRI trade and investment opportunities in the Greater Antilles. **

During the meeting, updated information was provided on Cuba’s participation in the Maritime Silk Road Initiative of the 21st century.

Havana, July 19, 2022. China’s trade representatives based in Cuba and the Chamber of Commerce (CCC) and other local institutions discussed investment opportunities in Cuba and Greater Antilles. (Image: Prensa Latina)

The event was chaired by CCC Vice President Ruben Ramos, and was attended by the economic and commercial counselor of the Chinese Embassy, Zhou Quan, and the director of trade policy with Asia and Oceania at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, Vilma Sanchez.

The meeting was a space to offer Asian business people information about the upcoming Havana International Fair (FIHAV), considered the most important general trade fair in Cuba and the Caribbean, and one of the most representative in Latin America. FIHAV will reopen its doors from November 14 to 18, after two years of pandemic.

In addition, during the meeting CCC Legal Director Natacha Guma made a presentation on Decree 32/2021 on the National Registry of Foreign Commercial Representations.

The participants appreciated the meeting and the opportunity to receive updated first-hand information, as part of the work strategy undertaken by our institution by the CCC.

** The Greater Antilles is a grouping of the larger islands in the Caribbean Sea, including Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands.


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