New BRICS members selected

BRICS+ expansion draws together major energy and natural resources players.

The BRICS block will now be home to nearly half – 46 percent to be exact – of the world’s population. Its share of global oil production will be more than doubled at 43 per cent. When you look at the top ten oil producers, the are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada, China, Iraq, the United Arab Emerates, Brazil, Iran and Kuwait according to 2022 production data. Now after the BRICS expansion six of these top 10 countries are in the block. This is major news. As you can see the expansion is focused very much on natural resources, specifically on energy.

In ths video Lerna Petrova runs through the details how the strategic new BRICS members were selected.

Source: Lena Petrova, 30 Aug 2023.