BRI Debt Sustainability Framework

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China’s Finance Ministry has released an updated Belt and Road Debt Sustainability Analysis Framework. The aim of the Framework is to enhance debt management and sustainable financing for countries participating in the Belt and Road initiative. It is a tool formulated on the basis of good international practices and realities of the countries along the Belt and Road. China and financial institutions in other countries in the Belt and Road […]

No China debt trap in Africa – IMF

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BRI & Africa – No China ‘debt trap’ in Africa says the IMF.Video link: In a recent report the International Monetary Fund (IMF) indicated that while economic ties between sub-Saharan Africa and China have grown significantly in the last two decades, China’s share in the region’s overall sovereign debt remains relatively small at approximately six percent. The IMF said that the sub-Saharan Africa region’s debt distress stems mainly from […]

BRI and the original Silk Road

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Will BRI change the world as much as the old Silk Road did? THE ORIGINAL SILK ROAD quietly crept into existence over many years, but ended up transforming much of the world. China’s new Silk Road is already doing the same.  A total of 151 countries were represented at the Belt and Road Initiative gathering last week—and 215 new BRI projects were announced for the coming months. But how exactly […]

Russia’s renewable energy potential

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Key BRICS country Russia has the resources to become a world leader in alternative energy. Russia is vast country that possesses huge renewable resource potential, including hydropower, solar and wind, green hydrogen and huge swathes of forest and arable land for bioenergy. It has the level of technological development required to foster an energy transition towards renewable resources, yet it lags behind other world powers in its deployment of renewables. […]

China bolsters Environment Ministry

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Photo: Huang Runqiu, Minister of Ecology and Environment, China. Reforms strengthen role of China’s Environment Ministry. China Dialogue reports that on 12 October, 2023 a notice was issued outlining changes to the responsibilities of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE). The central role of the MEE appears to have been strengthened with the Ministry of Science and Technology’s role in organising policies to promote ecological and environmental development through science and tech being […]

Foreign meteorological spy sites

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Hundreds of foreign meteorological spy sites discovered in China. Revelations regarding the illegal collection and cross-border transmission of meteorological data shows that in the era of globalization, countries are becoming more closely connected. Many aspects, including environmental climate, as well as energy and resources, have also become important fields related to national security in many non-traditional aspects. Since the beginning of this year, China’s security authorities have carried out special […]

Growing rice in the Dubai desert?

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Chinese scientists successfully grow rice in Dubai desert. Rice is a food staple of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) yet the country is almost wholly reliant on food imports and food security is a national priority. In 2018, the UAE launched its National Food Security Strategy to increaseproduction by 30-40% in 10 years. The UAE’s plan is for half the food consumed in the Emirates to be produced locally by […]