China offers new solution for green low-carbon global rail transport

Under China’s current policies all outdated internal combustion railway locomotives will be phased out starting in 2027 with a complete withdrawal by 2035. Nearly 10,000 old diesel engines with be replaced by new energy models.

The future-forward approach to railway technology was unveiled by CRRC Corporation Limited (CRRC) in Beijing on June 26, 2024 with the launch of seven models of new energy locomotives that offer the world a new solution to green, low-carbon development in rail transport.

CRRC is the world’s largest supplier of rail transit equipment with the complete product lines and leading technologies. It was established in 2015 after two of China’s biggest rail firms merged to create a national export champion. It turned over more than $44 billion in 2018 and employs over 170,000 workers has 46 wholly-owned and majority-owned subsidiaries with over 170,000 employees.

CRRC’s main businesses cover the R&D, design, manufacture, repair, sale, lease and technical services for rolling stock, urban rail transit vehicles, engineering machinery, all types of electrical equipment, electronic equipment and parts, electric products and environmental protection equipment, as well as consulting services, industrial investment and management, asset management, and import and export.

The launch of the seven new energy locomotives marks another step forward in the China’s green transition efforts.

Video sourceCGTN, Jul 2, 2024.