Pakistan high voltage transmission

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The China-built Matiari-Lahore high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission project in Pakistan is that country’s first HVDC project under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (#CPEC) framework.

Posted in China Environment Net on Facebook, 9 Aug 2023.

HVDC transmission – facilitating an efficient transition to renewable energy

HVDC is used extensively in China’s transmission grid, as it is better suited to very long distance transmission systems, and can connect networks that operate on any frequency or voltage.

This allows renewable energy from various sources to be more easily integrated into existing power grids, facilitating an efficient transition to renewable energy sources.

HVDC transmission is reliable and easy to control, providing instant and precise control of power flow for new and existing grids. HVDC can expand the energy networks, making them more stable.

HVDC is more environmentally friendly than Alternating Current (AC), providing more energy per square metre over greater distances more efficiently than AC systems, as well as lower losses and less space requirements. This increased efficiency reduces the carbon footprint of HVDC compared to AC, with losses being reduced from around 5-10% in AC transmission to around 2-3% for the same application in HVDC.