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Are you interested in posting to the China Environment Net website ? Posts should deal with any of the following: 1. News about China’s efforts to protect it’s environment or the global environment;2. Aspects of China’s environment policies and programs, including China’s Belt & Road Initiative and the BRICS group;3. The scientific, economic, social, technological or economic context of those programs or actions;4. International environmental, scientific or public health initiatives involving China’s experience in green […]

China cancels UK nuclear plant

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Obstruction of UK nuclear deal widely seen as US influenced. Under a 2015 nuclear cooperation deal between China and the UK government, the state-owned energy corporation China General Nuclear (CGN) has been involved it the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant project in Essex, England. This was to be the UK’s first new-generation nuclear power station in three decades. The project was given regulatory permission in February 2022, after a […]

China’s energy storage

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China’s energy storage sector is experiencing rapid growth due to an accelerated uptake of renewables in the country’s energy mix. But the energy industry also faces some significant challenges. The following article from Caixin Global looks at five issues for China’s energy storage industry. China’s energy storage sector is growing rapidly, with planned capacity based on newly published tenders of projects topping 19 gigawatts (GW) for the first five months […]

China protects the environment

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China’s ‘father of glaciers’

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Posted in: China Environment Net on Facebook 7/8/23 These are the first of 4 episodes (up to now) ep1. https://youtu.be/WdgUdpRVh8c (see below) ep2. -> https://english.cas.cn/…/202307/t20230726_333913.shtml ep.3 -> https://english.cas.cn/…/202307/t20230731_334159.shtml ep.4 -> https://english.cas.cn/…/202308/t20230801_334196.shtml

Methanol run cargo ships for China

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Posted in: China Environment Net on Facebook 7/8/23 Methanol-fueled ships have eclipsed liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessels, claiming the premier position for the highest number of environmentally friendly ship orders placed from January to July this year. South Korea’s shipbuilding sector, which has been cultivating its technological expertise in methanol-powered ships as its future growth engine for years, is at the forefront of driving the global market. Nevertheless, the shipbuilding […]