China urges global efforts on marine issues

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China’s climate change envoy urges global efforts to address marine issues Liu Zhenmin, China’s special envoy for climate change, has called for intensified global efforts at different levels to address the fragmentation in marine governance amid maritime tensions that threaten the world’s economic prosperity and overexploitation that jeopardizes ocean sustainability. He made the remarks during the 2024 RCEP Youth Dialogue on Regional Cooperation in Marine Economy, which was held on […]

China’s wind turbine costs fifth of US

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‘Historic breakthrough’: China’s installed wind turbine cost drops to one-fifth of the US in green energy race The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post has reported that: Commenting on this, China’s World notes, “In the real world, beyond the bluster, China is already the leader in the green-energy ‘race’. This will only move it further ahead. Such breakthroughs will, as usual, be shared with all non-supremacist nations that believe in […]

China shares green technology

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China biggest contributor of green technologies China has not only become the world’s top filer of patent applications but also the top contributor of green technologies to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)’s green technology sharing platform, the head of the WIPO said on Thursday. In a group interview with the Global Times and several other media outlets on the sidelines of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference […]

China’s campaign to reduce food wastes

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How to reduce food wastes? China’s “clear your plate” campaign More than 1.05 BILLION tonnes of food were wasted worldwide in 2022. In other words, each person wasted more than 132 kilograms of food on average. That astonishing number came to spotlight with the release of a UN Environment Programme (UNEP) report days ahead of the the International Day of Zero Waste on March 30. How can we stop this […]

China sends Tibetan glacier water to Maldives

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China ships a million bottles of melting Tibetan glacier water to climate-threatened Maldives China has sent more than a million bottles of water from melting Tibetan glaciers to the Maldives, officials said Thursday, a gift from the world’s highest mountains to a low-lying archipelago threatened by rising seas. The Indian Ocean nation of 1,192 tiny coral islands is on the frontlines of the climate crisis, with salt levels seeping into […]

Extreme heat and ozone pollution in China

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Extreme heat and ozone pollution: Chinese scientists call for targeted control strategies Elevated surface ozone concentrations in China are posing a significant threat to both human health and crop yields. Extreme heat can greatly exacerbate ozone pollution through both complex chemical and physical processes. For example, extreme heat is often accompanied by stagnant weather conditions, which can lead to the accumulation and subsequent elevation of ozone. Considering that extreme heat events have […]

African Union praises China health aid

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African Union praises China’s help to promote health in Africa – Africa CDC headquarters wins acclaim as major outcome of BRI cooperation The China-aided African Center for Disease Control (CDC) Headquarters Building Project, a milestone project in China-Africa public health cooperation, was officially inaugurated on January 11, 2023 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. China funded and built the Africa CDC headquarters, which accommodates all key facilities in one place, helping to […]

China & ASEAN – BRI sustainable development

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China and ASEAN forge sustainable development pathways through collaborative action: ASEAN and China Dialogue on Bio-Circular-Green Economy and Climate Action for the Region China and ASEAN, as close neighbors and important partners, possess extensive opportunities for collaboration in multiple sectors, for example, the green economy and climate action, which also helps to promote the sustainable development of the regional economy, experts said. Green development has always been a crucial area […]

Why China’s Water Usage Matters

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Led by Zhang Jianyun, an Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering , a research team has delved into the concept of water peaking, which refers to the point where water consumption reaches a maximum and then stabilizes or declines. This phenomenon is vital for comprehending the future of China’s water resources. The researchers analyzed China’s water usage patterns, identifying three distinct phases: a period of rapid growth, a stable growth […]

Is the ocean’s ability to regulate the global climate breaking down?

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Published 2021/12/27 Oceans are a global force of nature that form the foundation of the blue planet on which we live. They cover 71% of our planet’s surface and make up 95% of all the space available to life. They are a life-support system for Earth and a global commons that provide us with free goods and ecological services, from the food we eat to the oxygen we breathe. The […]