China: Renewables outstrip power growth

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China is on track to nearly double wind and solar capacity by 2025, meeting its 2030 target five years early Global Energy Monitor China saw a rapid increase in electricity generation and renewable power capacity in the first five months of 2023. China’s electricity output grew again, by 3.9% year-on-year in the first five months of 2023, state central planner the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced. A key driver was demand from primary industry, which […]

Industrialization of colonial agriculture

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The industrialization of agriculture by capitalism and Metabolic Rift. The industrialization of agriculture in the nineteenth century rested upon the long historical emergence of capitalism as a distinct socioeconomic order. An extract from Capitalism and Robbery: The Expropriation of Land, Labor, and Corporeal Life, by John Bellamy Foster et al, Monthly Review, Dec 01, 2019. See also: The review of Guano and the opening of the Pacific world, recently shared […]

Africa dumps $US in cross border trade

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Tech Revolution reports: Africa is leading the charge in global shift away from US dollar in international trade. De-dollarization is becoming the buzzword of the moment. Recent developments across the African continent, Europe, Iraq, and Venezuela are shining a spotlight on this growing trend. From the push for a unified currency in Africa to France’s bold decision to ditch the dollar in trade with China, the world is witnessing a […]

China Environment News | MR Online

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Published by MR Onlinefrom 2023/11/12 24 to 2022/08/25 Below are links to some articles in Monthly Review that were republished from China Environment News Source:…/cap-china-environment-news/… Courtesy of MRONLINE.ORG

Hong Kong’s Green Transition

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Hong Kong‘s 2023-24 budget takes action in the fight against climate change and proposes a number of new carbon neutrality measures to actively seize the opportunities under China’s “double carbon” strategy and accelerate Hong Kong’s development into an international green technology and financial center. Hong Kong is one of the first Asian cities to take action in the fight against climate change. According to Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2050 […]

No evidence Covid from Chinese lab

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US INTELLIGENCE REPORT The US National Intelligence Council and four other US intel agencies previously concluded that human contact with an infected animal was the “most likely” cause of the Covid pandemic. This stance has been bolstered by the latest report by the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) on 23 June 2023. The ODNI published its review on Friday, after investigating “potential links” between the Covid-19 […]

Zimbabwe: green energy with China’s help

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Zimbabwe is facing a chronic power shortage crisis, with frequent power outages lasting up to 17 hours a day in major cities, due to a lack of additional power generation capacity and aging power plants. The country is highly dependent on petroleum and electricity imports, as it lacks hydrocarbon resources and has an inefficient electricity infrastructure. Moreover, most of the population in rural areas lacks access to electricity. International Institute […]

China’s efficient socialist economy

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The difficulty the U.S. faces in its current attempts to damage China’s economy was analysed in detail by John Ross in his article “The U.S. is trying to persuade China to commit suicide”. Reduced to essentials, the U.S. problem is that it possesses no external economic levers powerful enough to derail China’s economy. The U.S. has attempted tariffs, technology sanctions, political provocations over Taiwan, the actual or threatened banning of companies […]

Russia’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan

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Impact of climate change on farming and rural development for the Russian North In Russia climate change is generally not perceived or discussed only as a risk. On the contrary it is expected to have a positive effect on Russia’s farming sector. International scientists have also found that while climate change threatens to stunt agricultural production in the west, this might be a different story in Russia, at least in […]