Green lessons from China’s farmers

27/05/2023 CEN2 0

UN Food & Agriculture Oranization draws lessons from China’s farmers in green growth transformation China’s experiences of agriculture green growth have generated vital lessons for farmers nationally and globally, reveals a new series of reports from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Investment Centre. Featuring case studies of farmer empowerment and land regeneration throughout China, the series showcases how some of China’s 250 million smallholders are […]

Zhou Enlai’s Legacy and the BRI

26/05/2023 CEN2 0

Zhou Enlai’s Legacy in the Belt & Road Initiative Originally posted 15 January 2022 Introduction Zhou Enlai is still remembered with boundless respect and affection by the Chinese people and progressive people around the world. He was China’s first Premier, serving from the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949 to his death in 1976, as well as the People’s Republic first Foreign Minister, from 1949-58. The 47th anniversary of his death […]

Food security: protecting China’s soils

25/05/2023 CEN2 0

China launches national soil survey to protect arable land Originally Posted August 7, 2022 After rapid development and intensive farming, China is to carry out a new national soil survey to help with its food security and carbon targets. China Dialogue recently published an article by three Chinese scientists. The authors are soil science experts – Chen Nengchang and He Xiaoxia are with the Guangdong Institute of Eco-environmental and Soil […]

Agricultural sustainability in China

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‘Soil observatories’ helping China create more sustainable agriculture Originally published 2021/05/12 All over the world, agriculture is threatened by degraded soils – and China is no exception. Stripped of carbon from intensive farming, soils erode more easily, host fewer microbes and hold less water and nutrients. Fertilisers and pesticides applied to improve crop yields can leach beneath the soil to pollute groundwater and the surrounding environment. Looking for ways to make […]

Markets in China’s socialism

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Western Marxism’s “purity fetish” and its misunderstanding of markets in China’s socialism Carlos Garrido, the author of this article has argued elsewhere that at the core of Western Marxism’s [1] flawed analysis of socialist states lies a “purity fetish” which is grounded in a Parmenidean fixation of the ‘true’ as the one, pure, and unchanging. For this disorder, so Garrido has contended, the only cure is dialectics. With the aid […]

Professor Qingzhi Huan on Eco-socialism

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For an Eco-Socialist Vision: Interview with Professor Qingzhi Huan An interview with Professor Qingzhi Huan. He is professor of comparative politics at the Research Institute of Marxism at Peking University and a professor at the School of Political Science and Public Administration at Shandong University, China. Professor Qingzhi Huan’s main research areas are environmental politics and left-wing politics. He is the author of “International Comparison on Environmental Politics” and “A […]

Ecological Civilization’s Socialist Roots

22/05/2023 CEN2 0

Professor Arran Gare is an associate professor in Philosophy and Cultural Inquiry with the Department of Social Sciences at Swinburne University, Australia. He argues that the notion of ecological civilization “establishes a tradition of socialist thought that now has the potential to challenge and replace global capitalism.” The notion of ecological civilization has become central to Chinese efforts to confront and deal with environmental problems. However, ecological civilization is characterized by […]

Imperialism & Ecological Marxism

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Critique of 21st century imperialism and the growth of ecological Marxism: a view from China The following was written by two Chinese Marxist academics, Professor Cheng Enfu and Dr Fu Hao, which reviews the positive role by the US magazine Monthly Review (established 1949) in contributing to Marxist political analysis in the 21st Century. A key element of this contribution has been the critique of imperialism and the development theories […]

Ban on super-tall construction in China

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The 632-meter Shanghai Tower easily puts to shame other skyscrapers in China ever since its construction was finished in 2015. Sitting on the Huangpu River bank in Shanghai, it is currently the world’s third highest. Where the next new super-tall construction would come out in China has since been a question on many lips as several cities announced their ambitious plans for erecting their own (even taller) landmarks. But on […]

China’s commercial Small Modular Reactor

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China is building the “Linglong-1,” a small modular reactor (SMR) in the country’s southern island province of Hainan. It’s the world’s first of this type of reactor to be approved by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and it intends to serve the region’s diverse power needs. A design sketch of a completed Linglong-1 power unit. /Hainan Nuclear Power “We believe that there will be a trend of nuclear energy because it can […]