China’s new solar semi-satellite drone

13/09/2022 CEN2 0

In a big step toward green development, China has built its first solar-powered large unmanned aerial vehicle. The drone successfully carried out its maiden flight on Saturday. It took off from an airport in Yulin, northwest China’s Shaanxi province and landed smoothly after 26 minutes airborne with all systems operating normally, according to a report in state-run Global Times. How does the drone use solar energy? The Qimingxing-50 (Morning Star) is […]

Europe’s self made energy crisis

07/09/2022 CEN2 0

Mercouris looks at how Europe got to where it is – in a severe “energy crisis”. The sanctions imposed by the collective West on Russia over its intervention in Ukraine, have sparked a severe energy crisis in Europe which has spilled over to the global economy and global environment. The US-NATO moves may well have set in motion the irreversible collapse of Western hegemony which has blocked a comprehensive global […]

End of Russian gas no help to EU climate

06/09/2022 CEN2 0

The EU should have been better prepared for its green energy transition, the Russian president says. The EU’s decision to slash natural gas imports while trying to reach climate goals was a mistake, President Vladimir Putin said on Monday during an environmental forum in Kamchatka in Russia’s Far East. “First, they (EU) jumped ahead, and then, after cutting off Russian gas supplies, returned everything that was reviled,” Putin stated. He […]

Pakistan demands climate reparations

04/09/2022 CEN2 0

First world countries are the main polluters, but it’s the poor who foot the bill, the Pakistan climate minister said. Pakistan’s minister for climate change described global warming as “the existential crisis,” adding that Pakistan has contributed less than 1% to greenhouse gas emissions. She also accused the first world countries of breaking their promises on fighting climate change. “We all know that the pledges made in multilateral forums have […]