China cancels $30bn UK nuclear plant

Obstruction of UK nuclear deal widely seen as US influenced. Under a 2015 nuclear cooperation deal between China and the UK government, the state-owned energy corporation China General Nuclear (CGN) has been involved it the […]

Ocean thermal power – China breakthrough

China’s first set of floating devices that can turn ocean thermal energy into electricity has successfully completed sea trials in recent weeks, marking a significant step forward in the country’s utilization of renewable energy sources. […]

Türkiye–China Belt and Road Initiative

The ties between China and Türkiye can be dated back to the ancient Silk Road. Now as the Belt and Road Initiative marks its tenth anniversary, the two sides continue to deepen their relations in […]

Experts view China small nuclear reactor

China builds first such commercial small modular reactor in the world – international nuclear experts visit. Over 200 nuclear experts from more than 50 countries and regions visited China’s Linglong-1 (ACP-100) reactor on  September 5, […]

Rwanda: China building hydropower plant

A Chinese state-owned engineering and construction company successfully completed river closure last week marking the start of the main building phase of the $214 million Nyabarongo II Multipurpose Project in Rwanda. The construction of the 43 MW […]

ASEAN dream of Trans-Asian Railway

A decade of BRI development sees the ASEAN dream of Trans-Asian Railway network taking shape, and demonstrates China’s global vision on promoting win-win cooperation, common development Introduction – The Silk Road spirit Over 2,000 years […]

BRICS: How new members were selected

BRICS+ expansion draws together major energy and natural resources players. The BRICS block will now be home to nearly half – 46 percent to be exact – of the world’s population. Its share of global […]

Beijing region air quality improves

Beijing Daily reports: According to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China, the average number of days with good air quality in the #Beijing–#Tianjin–#Hebei region and its surrounding areas in July this year exceeded […]

China light-rail starts in Israel

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC), another Chinese construction giant, built the line’s east segment and several underground stations, and will also take charge of the 14-year operation and maintenance together with China’s Shenzhen Metro […]

China – South Africa BRI cooperation

China and South Africa share a deep-rooted friendship. Since diplomatic relations were established 25 years ago, cooperation between the two countries has continued to expand across various fields. That expansion has been accelerated under China’s […]